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Laboratory Ofichem is a modern API producer located in the Netherlands. With over 45 years of experience in the production of niche market APIs and a "state-of-the-art" production facility, Lab Ofichem is a unique combination of knowledge, experience and modern technology. Operating as a CMO with our own product portfolio, we develop, manufacture and analyse pharmaceutical raw materials to a high level.


Heembadweg 5
9561CZ Ter Apel

T+31 (0)599 583 433

Developing, producing and distributing APIs

Lab Ofichem develops, produces and distributes APIs worldwide. As a strategic partner, we are the expert in delivering tailor-made quality solutions. We strive for continuous improvement and have in-depth knowledge to comply with GMP, GDP, ICH and ISO guidelines at every stage of development.


Safe production of APIs

“Our facility has 13 production areas that can be divided into large-, medium- and small-scale production areas,” says Alessia Cogotti, Director of Lab Ofichem. “By following the Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) guidelines, we apply the highest safety standards, so there is absolutely no risk of cross-contamination. That means we can safely and simultaneously produce a wide range of APIs for the human and veterinary pharmaceutical markets.”

Analyses & medicinal cannabis

Besides analysing pharmaceutical raw materials, excipients and APIs, Lab Ofichem applies its broad knowledge in the analysis of medicinal cannabis and is the main contractor to the Office of Medicinal Cannabis (OMC). By being the only party in the Netherlands to test medicinal cannabis for the government, Ofichem Laboratory remains one of the largest leaders in reliable analyses of cannabis. Lab Ofichem also produces full-spectrum extracts based on medical cannabis.

The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) project, Prototype Medicinal Cannabis Extractor Ter Apel, the Netherlands, receives funding for the development, design, construction, validation and demonstration of an innovative prototype GMP extractor for medicinal cannabis as a raw material for the pharmaceutical industry and clinical studies.

This Valorisation Project is the perfect example of innovative use of research, aimed at entrepreneurship in North Holland. The consortium focuses on sustainable economic growth in the region with a national, European and even global character.

The extraction technology is new and has put the companies involved on the international map; extracts of medicinal cannabis produced under GMP do not yet exist. The project is a nice crossover between agri-food technology and the pharmaceutical industry. It also creates employment in the region and provides plant-based, well-proven medicines as an alternative to synthetic medicines. The trend towards plant-based solutions and the use of clean extraction technology without emissions fits well with the sustainable profile of the companies in the North Holland region.